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Anthony DeSclafani and Andrew Vaughn exchange words in 2nd inning of Giants-White Sox



The Giants-White Sox series is already getting spicy even if we’re not sure why.

In the second inning in Chicago, Giants starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani exchanged words with White Sox first baseman Andrew Vaughn at first base, after Vaughn grounded out. It’s unclear what pissed off DeSclafani, but it was enough that LaMonte Wade Jr. started pushing his pitcher away so as to avoid escalation.

After the discussion, the home plate ump chatted with both managers between innings. It’s possible DeSclafani was either mad at Vaughn swinging at a 3-0 pitch, or he was pulling a Madison Bumgarner and getting mad that Vaughn seemed to be yelling at himself for missing the pitch.

We’ll have to wait for this one to be over to find out, but it was entertaining nonetheless.