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Tim Anderson gets ejected after appearing to yell at Logan Webb over quick-pitch strikeout



We’ve already seen someone get tossed over a pitch clock violation — Manny Machado on Tuesday — but this is a new one.

In the third inning of Wednesday’s White Sox-Giants game, Chicago lead-off man Tim Anderson got thrown out after appearing to get angry at starting pitcher Logan Webb, believing Webb quick-pitched him while he was asking for a timeout.

When Anderson’s timeout wasn’t given, he started walking out of the box as Webb eased a changeup into the zone for a strikeout. Anderson didn’t seem to be angry with Webb at that moment, instead telling the umpire to look at him so he would know he wanted a timeout.

After the next batter went down, cameras showed Webb telling someone in the White Sox’s dugout to shut up. It quickly became clear that was Anderson, who was promptly thrown out.

Yet, Anderson wanted to make it clear to the ump that his hollering from the dugout was actually directed at Webb. You don’t need to be a professional lip reader to make out that Anderson said, “I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to that (pointing at Webb) motherfucker right there!” Anderson then called Webb “soft” as he left the dugout.

Why it was on Webb to wait for Anderson is anybody’s guess, but we’ll certainly find out more about this whole thing postgame.