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JJ Redick rips officials, Sabonis: ‘Referees have dictated too much in the Kings favor’



ESPN’s JJ Redick has some strong thoughts on the officiating through two games of the Warriors-Kings first-round matchup.

This comes after a one-game suspension was given to Draymond Green for stomping Domantas Sabonis in the stomach after Sabonis grabbed his ankle. The NBA cited Green’s history as a major cause of their decision.

Murph & Mac reacted to Green’s suspension on Wednesday morning. Listen below:

Redick, on First Take, said officials have allowed too much to go on in the series.

“If Steph Curry’s not allowed to move off the ball and you’re preventing players from running down the court and you’re allowing that to happen — there’s a play late in Game 2 where Kevon Looney is right underneath the rim ready for a rebound,” Redick said. “Sabonis crashes in, pushes him in the back, they don’t call the foul. That’s a foul. The referees have dictated too much in the Kings favor in this series. I really believe that.”

This is the play Redick is referencing from the end of Game 2:

He went on to criticize Sabonis, specifically, for some plays he deemed “dirty.”

Redick cited a Game 1 play when Sabonis pulled down Green and holds him, and another play when Sabonis “elbows him as he’s running by and then flops to the ground.” He also criticizes him for the play he grabs Green’s ankle, saying he tried to pull down Klay Thompson before doing that.

“This was, I believe, part of the strategy,” Redick said. “I’m not saying Sabonis is a dirty player, but there’s some dirty plays here. For the league to acknowledge that Draymond served a punishment — he got ejected, which I believe he should have been ejected, and I’m not condoning what he did — he served his punishment.”

The Warriors will have to get back into the series without Green available in Game 3. They haven’t trailed 2-0 in a series since the We Believe Warriors in 2007.