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Draymond Green says he lost a lot of respect for Domantas Sabonis after postgame conduct



Draymond Green and Domantas Sabonis battled for seven games during their first-round series, but Green isn’t pleased with what happened after the final whistle sounded.

According to Green, Sabonis did not stick around to shake Warriors players’ hands after Golden State won Game 7 and Draymond made it clear that he thinks that was an unprofessional move on the latest episode of his podcast.

“Lost a lot of respect for Sabonis,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show”. “You don’t shake guys’ hands after you lose, I don’t respect that.”

Green says he only once left the floor after a playoff series before shaking hands, but quickly changed his mind after he realized it was the wrong move.

“I once left the court when we lost in Game 7 to the Cleveland Cavaliers and I went to my locker room and I sat down and said ‘This don’t feel right.’” Green said. “And I walked back on the court and I showed everybody love.”

Sabonis not wanting to shake Green’s hand after the Warriors forward stomped on his chest in Game 2 is understandable, but not shaking any Warriors’ hands is a different story. Green doesn’t like it.

“You lost, deal with it,” Green concluded. “Pay your respects. That was wack to me, that’s wack. But, I wouldn’t necessarily even say lost respect, but I don’t respect that and that’s wack.”