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Patrick McCaw has ‘gone dark,’ won’t respond to Warriors teammates [report]



© Sergio Estrada | 2018 Feb 2

The Patrick McCaw saga continues to get stranger with each passing day.

Despite his status as a restricted free agent, McCaw did not report to Golden State Warriors camp this preseason. Now it appears he’s not any closer to re-joining the team with the season-opener just three days away.

According to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, a number of McCaw’s Warriors teammates have been unable to get ahold of McCaw during his holdout, despite their attempts to reach out. The third-year wing has apparently “gone dark.”

Via Thompson:

“A few Warriors players talked to him before camp, advising him on what to do. But as his holdout has continued, he has not responded to several players checking in on him. Veterans, champions — the kind of men McCaw should be listening to — are being shut out.

“You can’t do this after two years,” one player said. “You’ve got to get the clout first. He doesn’t have the leverage.”

McCaw, 22, has a two-year deal worth $5.2 million, with a player option in the second year on the table from Golden State. As an RFA, the Warriors also have the chance to match any offer McCaw receives from another team, though there haven’t been any reports that he’s garnered much interest.

The timing of McCaw’s holdout is also odd considering his apparent regression last season after a promising rookie year. Additionally, McCaw is coming off a spine injury that cost him two months towards the end of last season.

According to Thompson, “Several players, including some leaders in the locker room, said they would welcome McCaw back — if he wants to come back.”

If and when that will happen, remains to be seen.